Safety Solutions Academy Podcast

Paul Carlson and I had a good conversation.

This is episode 441 of the SSA Podcast and I am so pleased that you have joined us.

Today’s guest, Claude Werner and I discuss personal protection and the firearms training industry through the lens of data. Claude is a self proclaimed “Quant” meaning that he has a strong focus on collecting, analyzing and applying data to solve problems. His focus on the application of data to personal protection helps to bring quality solutions to people that they may not find from other sources. I really think you are going to enjoy this episode of the SSA Podcast!

Screenshot_2018-09-25 441 Claude Werner the Tactical Professor – Safety Solutions Academy

Topics we spoke about:

  • Making decisions based on data instead of emotions
  • Evaluating a defensive gun use based on financial criteria
  • The defense of others and how third party defense can be significantly more difficult to avoid negative outcomes
  • Dynamics of home invasions that may surprise you
  • Negative outcomes and why Claude focuses on mitigating those negative outcomes
  • How competence can increase your ability to deal with a defensive gun use more efficiently

  • Why we need to think about personal protection more like Italian real estate
  • How firearms instructors miss the boat when they fail to understand their clients’ lives and why they should get a real job
  • The Can/May/Should/Must paradigm [credit to Steven Harris, Esq.] and how it can improve your decision making as you prepare for a defensive gun gun use
  • Why making decisions ahead of time is so important in the defensive use of guns.
  • Col. Boyd and what he should be known for, and it isn’t the OODA Loop
  • How David Brin’s Triumvirate of Success can help us to balance the consequences, the honor and nobility, and our courage in responding to a personal protection incident

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