Real Shootouts of the LAPD – The Book

Any time a Los Angeles Police Officer fires his or her weapon, whether on or off duty, a thorough investigation of the incident is conducted and then reviewed by the LAPD Board of Police Commissioners. The Board has provided unprecedented transparency by posting Summaries of those investigations for every firearm discharge since 2005.

This book is a collection and analysis of those reports. They are stories of Officer Involved Shootings, Officer Involved Animal Shootings, and Unintentional Discharges drawn directly from those reports. The Public Reports also include the Board’s Findings (rulings) as to whether the incident was In Policy or Out of Policy. Contrary to popular belief, not all LAPD Shootouts are ruled to be In Policy.

For the Armed Citizen, these reports and the analyses provide valuable information about what really happens before, during, and after the gunfire. This first volume covers Off Duty incidents so the situations are very similar to those faced daily by The Armed Citizens. This book gives us the opportunity to learn from the experiences of highly trained police officers about what to do when criminals come for you.

For those who are just interested in the challenges police officers face, this is also a book you will enjoy.

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Click the image to purchase the book

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  1. Claude, the book sounds interesting. Could you provide a little more information about it (a look at the table of contents, maybe a page of the content, etc.).
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Claude, I signed up for a T Givens revolver course for this July in WI. 1 day class.Thank you for the heads up on that. I don’t know where else the referral would have come from.

    Paul in WI.

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