Shooting Your Black Rifle – The Book

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished my latest book – Shooting Your Black Rifle.

Cover shot

There are many books about how to shoot rifles in general, and Black Rifles in particular. This book focuses on applying the principles and techniques of those books to live fire and dry practice. The book contains numerous Courses of Fire applicable to training and practicing for Personal Protection, along with other useful information for Black Rifle owners. These Courses are drawn from POlice Patrol Rifle courses that involve shooting at 50 yards or less, so they are highly applicable to the needs of the Armed Private Citizen.

This book should be thought of as a guide for practicing the techniques that owners of AR-15s and other Black Rifles have learned or are interested in. Understanding a technique without repetitively practicing it will not yield particularly good results. The Courses of Fire provide a method for practicing what an owner has learned and evaluating what techniques work best for each individual.

Recognizing that many people do not have access to a readily available source of targets, Printable Targets that can be produced on any printer are included. Because many gunowners do not have access to a 50 yard range, reduced scale targets are included. These reduced scale targets can be used on ranges that are only 25 yards long to simulate longer distances.

printable target 33Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Zeroing Your Rifle
  • Patrol Rifle Qualification Courses
  • Decisional Drills, Verbalization Drills, and Dry Practice
  • Gun Safety, Serious Mistakes, and Negative Outcomes
  • Bibliography
  • Targets

This is an excellent guide for both new AR-15 owners and those who have owned one for a while but would like to practice with the rifle more effectively. For those who have taken a class about the AR-15, the book provides you with various shooting drills to help you maintain and sharpen the skills you learned. For those who have little or no training, the book gives you a structured way of learning and improving your skills.

It is available in downloadable format. The cost is only $7.99 and I think you will find it is well worth it.

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  1. Purchased. Thank you, Claude!

    *You are truly appreciated!*

    Jim *–* Jim Martell, MRP, REALTOR® @ KW Realty First Atlanta M: 404.889.2845 O: 678.757.4550 fb: | ig:

  2. Jeffrey Ostermiller

    I prefer to use the Ruger Mini-14, due mainly to California’s restrictive laws on ‘assault weapons’, as my defensive carbine. How applicable would these exercises be for folks who have carbines other than the AR15?

    1. They can be used with any semiautomatic rifle.


    Hello I bought your book earlier today and still have no download link. I contacted Payloadz- but they said contact you…

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    1. I’ve sent a replacement download link. Please czech your spam folder also.


    Hello Second email on this. I purchased your ebook when I first read your email. After several hours – and double checking on PayPal that the charge indeed posted- I still had. It received a link to download the book. I contacted payloadz – but they directed me back to contacting you, the seller. Can you please advise?

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