Online Firearms Safety Course

I just completed the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan POlice Department Online Firearms Safety Training Course. It’s actually well done and informative. There are a few parts particular to D.C. laws but other than that, nothing odious. The animations are generally well done and informative for newcomers to firearms ownership. The course took me about half an hour to complete.

MPD Firearms Safety Course completion CW redacted

There were only two errors noticeable to me, one technical and one typographical. I’ll let the webmaster know about them.


I’d like to see more introductory firearms education online. It’s simply not feasible for all firearms owners to be “trained” in the way that we have conducted training up to now. Having some kind of accessible, relevant, and digestible information for newcomers to our community would be beneficial.

For those who are looking for a quick but acceptable introductory education experience for friends or relatives, I recommend taking a look at it. It’s free and takes only a small amount of time.

One response

  1. Register with the D.C. police to review this online course?
    Not gonna do that!

    Now that you have been certified, can you carry on the streets of the Swamp?

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