Online Weapons Carry Resources

A number of organizations and states provide material online about self defense and weapons carry law and TTP. These are resources that contain information not just limited to those who live in the State where it is published.

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network – What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law – Guide to Handgun Laws, State by State

Ohio Attorney General – Concealed Carry Laws Manual

Wisconsin Attorney General – Firearm Safety Course This is an excellent online reference for new gun owners and carriers. It’s not only pertinent to those living in Wisconsin; there’s a lot of good general information in it.

Reed Martz, an attorney in Mississippi, has an extensive page about Mississippi Gun Laws (and other weapons).

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  1. Please note the Ohio Attorney General’s handbook is not written with your self-defense in mind. Still it is worth reading, especially if you plan on legally carrying in Ohio. I’ve been teaching CCW in Ohio from the insertion of the law and cover the book in class. The sections on reasonableness and disparity of force and your rights when dealing with the police are meager, but then it’s not written for you.

    Go to the the gold standard, Ayoob’s “In the gravest extreme” and read and understand that.

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