Sources of information about deadly force incidents

Aggregated news reports, GunsSaveLives.

The Armed Citizen column of the NRA Journals. Some people have commented that the NRA ‘cherry picks’ the reports they include in The Armed Citizen but, through independent research, I have found it largely representative of the overall activities of Armed Citizens. TAC 5 year w tables is an analysis I did about incidents in The Armed Citizen.

The 2012 FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted report.

The 2012 Summaries of Officers Feloniously Killed.

Back issues of LEOKA since 1996 are available online.

My article for Personal Defense Network about misinterpretations of LEOKA.

Los Angeles Police Department Categorical Use Of Force reports by the LAPD Board Of Police Commissioners.

The official LAPD use of force policy.

The Chicago Police Department Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) online summaries of all OIS by Chicago Police Officers.

Philadelphia Police Department officer involved shootings.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Office of Internal Oversight reports.  They contain District Attorney Decisions, Force Investigation Team Reports, and Office of Internal Oversight Reviews.

New York Police Department Annual Firearms Discharge Reports. More recent versions are available on the NYPD website. Older versions are available, as a result of a Court order, from the New York Civil Liberties Union.

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  3. Regarding your TAC 5 year w tables… any chance the raw data is available anywhere?

    I’ve cited your work to a number of folks regarding why they really don’t need to be carrying 17+1 and 3 extra mags in normal civilian life, how average rounds fired in such situations is only about 2 per your study….but a number of them insist there’s always exceptions.

    It’d be helpful to see for example the handgun-only data (since presumably rounds fired is higher on rifles and it’d let me respond to folks who suggest well maybe it’s just a ton of 0 and 1 counts and then a handful of guys who needed 3 mags!), what the other 2 reload cases you mention are apart from the lion, etc. Thanks

    1. Most of the stories (through Feb 2001) are available on this website.

      Actually, the rifle round count is generally 0 or 1. Only in the past few years have black rifles started showing up in the stories. During the TAC period I studied, the rifles were centerfire hunting rifles or .22 rifles. Those are either very intimidating when displayed or decisive when fired. A lot of people discount just how lethal one shot from a .22 rifle can be. My colleague Chuck Haggard has investigated quite a few shootings involving .22 rifles. His comment to me was “I never saw a .22 rifle shooting that wasn’t a fatality.”

      One of the other reload cases was a Marine who used his Beretta in a gunfight with multiple intruders. I don’t remember what the other was.

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