My online articles on other sites

The Baseline Drill – National Shooting Sports Foundation

Using IDPA Competition To Build Your Concealed Carry Skills – Concealed Carry Magazine


The 5^5 Drill – Concealed Carry Magazine

Building a Sequential Training System – Concealed Carry Magazine

Effective Practice on an Indoor Range – Concealed Carry Magazine

POCKET AUTOLOADING PISTOLS: for Personal Defense – Personal Defense Network

Improving Your Snub’s Sights – Personal Defense Network

Protecting Your Family: Training for Mutual Defense – Personal Defense Network

What Do FBI Statistics Really Say About “Gunfights”? – Personal Defense Network

How Should You Practice After Training? – Personal Defense Network

Personal-Protection Products and the Big Picture – Personal Defense Network

Practicing in the Resource-Constrained Environment – Personal Defense Network

Finding Snub Stocks That Fit Your Hand – Personal Defense Network

NRA Practice Programs for Concealed Carry and Home Defense – The Outdoor Wire Concealed Carry Special Edition

Putting Orient Back into OODA – The Outdoor Wire Concealed Carry Special Edition

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