SCCY pistol update

So far, I have 175 rounds through the SCCY CPX-2 that they sent me for T&E. It had a Failure to Chamber on the fourth round I fired but no malfunctions since then.

I shot it at an IDPA match today and was able to do reasonably well (5th overall) against full size service pistols. One of the stages was a true El Presidente (10 yards with targets 2 yards apart). I finished 2nd on that one with an overall time of 11.73 (10.73 with 2 down).

The front sight now has 3M Reflective Tape on it and I was able to remove the horribly distracting white dots from the rear sight. The three dot system does nothing for me, especially the way most manufacturers implement it. One of my friends commented that the front sight is visible from behind the shooting line, i.e., in the peanut gallery.

SCCY sights

The trigger takes some getting used to because of the length of pull and reset. Shooters used to riding the reset/catching the link will probably not care for it. Flip and press works well though. I am not wild about it being flat all the way across and may do something about that.

Although the gun has noticeable muzzle flip, as might be expected from a 15 ounce 9mm, it isn’t painful to shoot the way I found the PF-9. It’s definitely more pleasant than shooting an LCP.

I did several tactical reloads and did not get pinched at all.

Yesterday, I shot the old FBI Double Action Course with it and was able to make 96%. This is properly shot on a Q target but I used an IDPA -1/-0 scoring zone. The pistol’s accuracy seems to drop off quite a bit past 15 yards. That’s something I will have to verify further.

sccy FBI DA

Most of my shooting with it has been with locally remanufactured ball ammo. However, I shot one stage today with Winchester 147gr SXT and had no problems.

So far, so good.

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  1. What the heck is a SCCY CPX-2 and who is “they” who sent it to you. Am I the only one not conversant with this jargon?

    1. The CPX-2 is manufactured by SCCY Industries. SCCY sent me the pistol for evaluation. I wanted to find a $300 pistol that I could recommend to my clients and audience.

      I wrote a post previously about my initial impression.

  2. Innocent Bystander

    With regards to your opinion of three-dot sights, I concur. Years ago, at an IDPA match, I was shooting a CZ-75 with TDS and I caught myself, under the “stress” of competition, getting confused and using the left rear dot as the front dot and, of course, missing the target entirely. Since then, if I buy a gun with dots on the rear sight they automatically get blacked out with a permanent marker.

    1. I found on the SCCY and the M&P 22 Compact that the dots were made with some kind of smooth epoxy paint. My black magic marker had almost no effect on them. It was necessary to dissolve them with a solvent to get rid of them. A friend told me there’s a marker available now that actually uses paint. That might work better.

      1. Sharpie is making them. They are called “Sharpie Paint” and are oil-based. I’ve been using them on my sights and magazines lately.

  3. Sent to me by email.

    “Good morning Claude,
    The photo of your pistol does not do justice to the visibility of your front sight. In the photo, the front sight is barely visible, but on a sunny range, the orange front sight was visible 10 yards behind your shooting position, similar to the visibility of a flare on a dark night. [A blind person] could see your front sight.”

  4. Which type of 3M reflective tape are you using and where did you get it?

    1. I believe it’s called Scotchlite. I’ve bought it both at hardware stores and an auto supply place, probably Advance Auto Parts.

  5. Reblogged this on Growing Up Guns and commented:
    For price sensitive gun buyers, the SCCY looks promising. The Tactical Professor has a test unit that he’s putting through the paces.

  6. Had a chance to shoot a fresh out of the box SCCY for the first time yesterday. You’re absolutely right about the trigger, Claude. The one I shot had a bit of a catch about 1/4 of the way through the squeeze at first but cleared up about 100 rounds or so.

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    I like big guns (and expensive guns) but the number one rule in a gunfight is to have a gun.

  8. Glad you were able to update with a breadth of additional info and insight. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mr. Werner,

    At what level of light would you say that the reflective tape stops being visible or useable for sighting? I’d like to experiment with this before trying Trijicon HD sights to see how the idea and similar work for my eyes.

    1. It’s still visible in most lighted parking lots at night.

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