Legal defense plans

Periodically, I am asked to opine about the various plans available to cover the expenses of a legal defense after a personal protection incident. This article by Marty Hayes covers it in much better detail than I could explain.

The [plans] can be categorized into four types:
1) Insurance
2) Insurance backed
3) Pre-paid legal services
4) The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc., a membership organization.


Fair disclaimer: I am a member of ACLDN and have a relationship with them.

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    Legal defense plans are one of the most interesting developments related to Gun Culture 2.0. As I highlighted in a separate post (you can find on the scrolling banner on my site), Jon Stewart has satirized the insurance based plans on “The Daily Show.” Which means they are becoming mainstream. Thanks to The Tactical Professor for pointing to this article by Marty Hayes.

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    I feel sort of silly reposting a post with a link to another post, but this is an important topic. One that I honestly haven’t prepared for enough. There are three fights associated with using a gun to defend yourself. The gun fight, the legal fight, and the emotional fight. Surviving the first is paramount, but planning for the legal battle is critical. Give it some thought and consider the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. It’s not as sexy as talking about new guns hitting the market, or high speed marksmanship skills, but ignoring it is folly.

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