Law Enforcement Officers Killed Audio CD

Annually, the FBI publishes the Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted report. A key part of this report is the written Summaries of the circumstances surrounding the death of each Officer Feloniously Killed.The FBI provides a concise account of the individual incidents where an Officer(s) was killed.

One of the things I have been unhappy about when training LEOs is finding out how few read the Summaries. I ask every LEO class how many have read LEOKA and almost all the hands go up. But when I ask how many have read the Summaries, almost all the hands go down. While the tabular data in LEOKA is interesting, the Summaries give much more insight into the circumstances of how Officer deaths occur and provide context on how to avoid becoming a victim Officer.

In order to make these Summaries more accessible to the Law Enforcement community, I’ve recorded the 2013 Summaries as audio narratives on an audio CD. Each Summary is narrated individually for your listening convenience. In addition, audio narratives of a number Officer killings not reported by the FBI are included. For supervisors, playing a few of the Summaries at roll call could be a sobering way to put your Officers in the right state mind for their shift. For individual Officers, listening to a few of them on the way to work may help you get mentally tuned up.

The LEOKA Narrative audio CD can be purchased on my webstore. There’s also a link at the top of my blog.

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  2. I thought it was some disgusting rap music until I saw who it was from.

    1. Hopefully there’s not some album with the same name.

  3. Thinking about getting the CD, but how applicable is the information to non-LE citizens?

  4. Some of the issues are the same between the “civilian” and LE worlds – situational awareness and tactics such as using cover, for example.

    Claude – I know you’re a pretty busy guy, but is there any chance there could be a recurring annual audio recap of the previous year’s LEOKA summaries? I found the audio version to be tremendously valuable especially with the added research you put into it. Thanks!

    1. Adam, I would love to do it but the response for the previous version was so low that I can’t justify the amount of time it would take.

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