Ballistic Radio interview about Boyd

John Johnston and I had the opportunity to discuss the nature of Colonel John Boyd’s theories on Ballistic Radio recently.

The OODA Loop isn’t as simple as many people would like it to be. In some cases, it hardly applies at all.


The podcast of our conversation has now been posted.

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  2. Claude, I flew for the Marines and we developed SOP items where we could communicate quickly and effectively and execute an attack. Not to say that we didn’t do detailed planning beforehand which we would execute if possible, but if we came upon a situation for which we didn’t plan in detail – target of opportunity, wingman of opportunity, etc. – we could execute an attack without the decisions required in a normal planning cycle.

    I am a very junior firearms instructor, but a lot of the concepts are the same. My thought is that the importance of any “OODA” loop discussion – even in the current context of the industry – should be to “harden” your own OODA loop through prior risk mitigation planning, and training simply but extensively, so that the bad guy’s actions don’t cause you to freeze or break down your action cycle. Seems to me we should concentrate on what we can control (our mindset, training, gear) and not worry about the bad guy in general, much less his decision cycle.

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