Indoor Range Flashlight Practice Session

Someone who purchased Indoor Range Practice Sessions noticed a discrepancy in Session 11 (shooting with a flashlight).

I’ve updated the downloadable eBook for future purchases, but I want existing customers to have the update also. Accordingly, I created a downloadable file with Session 11 only.

As most of my readers know, using a flashlight to avoid tragedies is one of my hot buttons. It’s important enough information that I am going to make the updated Session 11 only available as a free download to all my blog followers, as well as previous purchasers.

The link to the updated Session 11 is here: Session 11 – Shooting with a flashlight

5 responses

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  2. Hi,

    Idk if that is a text or video but nothing on that page loads for me.


    1. You have to hit the “Free Download” button. It’s Blue.

  3. TY for the free update Claude, it downloaded fine for me.

  4. TY for the update Claude, it downloaded fine for me.

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