Scam artists in the firearms community

Please don’t do this. There are a lot of newcomers to the world of weapons carry and there are no shortage of hucksters who are doing their best to take advantage of the newbies.
CCW sticker
I’m not going to dignify the ad by posting the link. It’s for a $25 holster that has no value whatsoever, despite being advertised as a $99 value. If you see this foolishness, you know that ad in particular and the company in general are just scams. Don’t patronize them.

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  1. Old adage: “The “concealed” part of “concealed carry” means CONCEALED.
    Bumper sticker…? NO thanks.

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  3. The smart individual doesn’t even tell an officer that he is carrying concealed unless he is directly questioned about it. No sense kicking an officer into “high alert” without need.

    1. Ohio requires you notify the officer “promptly”.

    2. This works unless there’s a law requiring disclosure when you’re talking with a police officer.

      Of course, the smart individual would do what’s possible to repeal such laws as well!

  4. I see there is software in the form of an app for smart phones that will show all permit holders withing an area,,,, you know,,,, just in case you get into a real bad gunfight and need to call a few buds to bolster the line. I believe that in many cases a slick individual could sell **** in the men’s room.

  5. […] I have no idea what kind of holster this man had. What is clear is that the holster didn’t perform a primary function, to wit: keeping the gun in place. Who knows, it might even have been the crappy holster that inspired my Scam artists in the firearms community post. […]

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