Sometimes I say the damndest things

I was recently interviewed on Civilian Carry Radio. It was an interesting discussion.

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  2. I just listened to the hour long interview with Claude Werner. The discussions were good.
    Mr. Werner has a vast amount of experience which he shares in a very positive manner.
    It is obvious that he has been teaching for many years. As is common in our gun culture I would disagree about some of his points but there is still value in the mental exercise and consideration of his information.

    The one item I wanted o comment on was the poor quality of the audio from Karrie Thomas. It appeared that she did not have a quality microphone and/or the mic was on her computer rather than in front of her lips. The audio was several times distorted which was noted by Mr. Werner and Allen. I would also suggest that she not place her hands in front of her mouth when she speaks – not only complicates the audio pickup but it is distracting to the viewer.

    A suggestion: Put a name plate for each person at the bottom of the viewing area, or a visible name tag on the person. Being a senior and a life long shooter my hearing is not the best so visual aids (like a name plate) and good audio is very important.

    Thank you for providing the discussion. I took several pages of notes which will be worked into my classes (always with credit to the author) so I feel that my time was well spent and my current and future students will benefit as well.

    I will look forward to other presentations. And I have signed up for your emails to follow your site.

    Dayle Hammock
    Spearfish, SD

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have passed it on to the Civilian Carry Radio folks.

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