In Memoriam – Albert Schaufelberger

Thirty-five years ago, at approximately 6:30 pm on May 25, 1983, Lieutenant Commander Albert Schaufelberger, USN, was assassinated by Communist insurgents in El Salvador. He was the Deputy Commander of the US Military Assistance Group there.

Lieutenant Commander Schaufelberger was picking up his girlfriend and had established a predictable pattern. Although his vehicle was armored, the air-conditioning was not functional, and he had removed the driver’s side window. There was speculation that the A/C had been sabotaged. As he waited in his car for his girlfriend, three men exited a Volkswagen Microbus and approached his car. One stopped his girlfriend from approaching, one established security for the ambush, and one ran to the driver’s side window. He then shot Schaufelberger in the head four times with a revolver, killing him instantly. The assassination team then got back in their VW and left.

Complacency kills. RIP Lieutenant Commander Schaufelberger.


Photo credit: Sacha Rocos

A further analysis of the assassination is here.

4 responses

  1. Good points. There is something about an armored Ford Maverick that does not go together though!

  2. Chuck Haggard

    Excellent history lesson!

  3. Comrade Obama

    This was a professional hit because the shooter used a .22 revolver. This attitude was fostered by the then ambassador in El Salvador, an idiot who opposed Reagan. His DCM and head of political also believed the G’s could be negotiated with. It was a miracle more people weren’t killed due to the mindset of this group of loons.

  4. I remember Jeff Cooper writing years ago that Schaufelberger was scheduled to attend Gunsite, but was assassinated before he could. Maybe the Colonel’s lecture on mindset and awareness would have made a difference. Sadly, we’ll never know.

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