Door locks work – Part II

SoBro residents on alert after rash of thefts, robbery

‘Until I actually saw the video of him running up to my house and getting in my vehicle, it was just extremely unsettling,’ said a woman whose Land Rover was stolen from her driveway. She said she had accidentally left the keys in the vehicle.
… Besides her surveillance video, her neighbors’ cameras caught what could be the same suspect trying their car doors and rifling through vehicles for valuables.

I’m not sure how you ‘accidentally’ leave your keys in the vehicle.The key turns and then you pull it out in one motion. Put it in your pocket or purse and you’ve got it. The word ‘keys’ implies that her house key was also left in the car. That then implies she doesn’t lock her house, either. Triple trouble.

If you keep your pepper spray on your keyring and leave it in the car, then you’re also minus your Intermediate Force Option.

spitfire on keychain

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  1. Koefod Richard G.

    Reminds me of a neighbor who in less than 1 year had her Range Rover and mini van stolen and broken into 3 other times before that. Vehicles were never locked. Keys were left in the stolen van left in an open garage all night. Keys in garage on hook with garage open for the Range Rover when it was stolen and that happened after she put up Arlo cameras but didn’t arm it at night. Then she complained to the HOA that the HOA needed to do more and it just wasn’t right that this was happening to her. Interesting enough, the HOA put out a security flyer with suggestions to all residents even before her first break in advising about car thefts and break ins and even the DeKalb police had similar advise on line. But some people just seem always to blame others for problems of their own making.

  2. As far as “leaving”, Land Rovers just need the key fob in proximity of the vehicle for button locks and ignition to work. Still not a bright move..

    1. Assuming it’s a relatively late model.

  3. I like to say, “File under ‘DUH!'”

  4. h2o, which weapons would you ban? Which people would you keep from owning a gun?

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