Negative Outcome – Again

Toddler, 2, dies of self-inflicted gunshot with parents not home

People labor under the illusion that a two year old can’t pull a trigger. What a toddler does is put the gun on the floor, where the kid spends most of its time. Eventually, the gun ends up with the butt down, the muzzle up, both of the kid’s thumbs on the trigger, with the kid pushing down on the trigger as hard as it can. Any toddler weighs more than the trigger pull so it has the mechanical advantage to press the trigger all the way through, even on a double action revolver.

A head shot is almost the inevitable result. That’s why so many of these are fatalities and not just wounded casualties.

Serious Mistakes now available as a download


5 responses

  1. Anyone who can’t be bothered to spend $20 to secure a gun from unauthorized persons shouldn’t have a gun, period.

  2. “With parents not home.”

    Pretty much sumsup the problem.

  3. Jo Ann Wheatley

    Downloaded “Serious mistakes”. Didn’t realize it’s an audiobook format. Let’s see what you’ve got to say! Audios usually put me to sleep but hopefully there’ll be enuf random gunfire to keep me alert. Jo Ann

  4. Koefod Richard G.

    Thanks Claude.

    Unfortunately, I saw 2 other similar stories involving 4 year olds just today. I agree with your gun security comment. People who want to own guns need to know if the gun isn’t in one’s immediate control, it needs to be secured so any unauthorized hands can’t access it. Particularly with kids. Kids will find guns. Not one of these kid deaths/injuries should happen with responsible gun owners.

  5. Couldn’t agree more about securing the gun. Carry it, or lock it away. PERIOD.
    Still, it was hard to picture how a toddler gets enough weight onto the trigger but now I understand.

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