Too quick on the trigger?

Every month, Tamara Keel pens a page called Good Guys Win in SWAT magazine. It’s similar to The Armed Citizen from the NRA Official Journals in that the stories are based on real life incidents rather than ‘Ninjas Coming from the Ceiling’ fantasies. One of her stories this month came from this incident.

Cable man opens fire during robbery attempt while working in north Houston

Police say one of the suspects was shot in the leg.

Whenever I see an incident in which the Good Guy shoots the Bad Guy in the leg, which happens on a regular basis, I wonder if it’s because GG got on the trigger too quickly. While ‘shoot him in the leg’ is a rather popular meme, I doubt it’s something that people do instinctively. We’ve got to practice getting the gun into the eye-target line before putting our finger into the trigger guard. Another possibility was some serious trigger jerking, which is why we need to learn to press the trigger smoothly, even when we’re stressed.

This is why practicing for consistency is important and why I’m a firm believer that the one-shot draw is one of the most important practice regimens we can follow. The one-shot draw is the first step of the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program Defensive Pistol II Course of Fire.

DP II table

Developing consistency

For those shooters who are interested in increasing their consistency and competency, I’ve written two different eBooks. They provide a roadmap to improving your competency at your own pace and within the resources you have available to you. For less than the price of a box of ammo, you’ll be able to use your time and other resources much more effectively. Then you won’t repetitively produce targets that look like the one above.

For those who carry a concealed firearm, Concealed Carry Skills and Drills, is appropriate for you. The link to the downloadable eBook is here. Full instructions for the MQP Defensive Pistol II are included.

For those who don’t carry a concealed firearm but keep a handgun for home defense, Indoor Range Practice Sessions, is appropriate for you. The link to the downloadable eBook is here. Full instructions for the MQP Defensive Pistol I are included.

My downloadable recording, Serious Mistakes Gunowners Make, is particularly appropriate when analyzing incidents, not necessarily Defensive Gun Uses, involving firearms.

This is another report on the cable guy incident.

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