Civilian Carry Radio Podcast Tonight

I will be the guest on Civilian Carry Radio tonight. The co-hosts for the show will be Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant and Lee Weems of First Person Safety. Our topic is Effective Practice on an Indoor Range.

Some of the things we may be discussing include some of Claude’s Numbery Things. Data is frequently better understood in a visual way so here are some infographics and pictures that may help.

Size of the training base.

training base w numbers

Access to outdoor ranges in the Atlanta Metro area.

ATL outdoor opportunities

Nature of the indoor range environment.

IRPS Cover

Ability to do low light shooting.

Autreys neck revolver crop

I think my readers will find it to be an informative discussion.

One response

  1. I quite like your emphasis on learning centered around indoor ranges. Even for people who can shoot in the boonies or on the back forty, it’s a great starting point to go from shooting range detritus where low shot skip into target to appear as hits into organized practice based on true shot accountability and affordability. So will definitely listen in.

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