Tactical Professor goes to Burger King


I had lunch at Burger King yesterday. Say what you will but I enjoy the BK Lounge. Their fries are the best IMO and a Whopper with cheese is pretty tasty.

While I was there, a bum (aka ne’er do well) came in, went to the drink dispenser, and refilled four empty Coke bottles he took out of his backpack. Then he left. I.e., he stole about four liters of Coke and then took off.

His brazenness about it was interesting to watch. So was either the apathy or completely unawareness of the employees. I was tempted to not intervene so I didn’t. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

musical monkey shines

Getting stabbed for 50 cents worth of Coke was not on my To Do list for the day. I assume all bums carry a knife and that they are likely to act irrationally.  As John Hall, former head of the FBI Firearms Training Unit said:

Every encounter carries with it an element of chance.

Another interesting aspect of the BK visit related to PERSEC (Personal Security).

This particular BK asks for your name for the order. A lot of places do that, for instance Starbucks. I never give my right name.

An attractive woman was in front of me. She had walked in with her son but left him in a booth to order their meals. Of course, she gave her right name when asked. Being behind her, now I know her name.

When her order was ready, the cashier called her name loudly and she got up to get the food. Once again, her son was left alone in the booth.

I was tempted to do a little Sport MUC with them just to see how much personal information I could get out of her and the boy just by knowing her name. I had other things to do so I didn’t.

Not all fundamentals concern establishing grip, seeing the sights, trigger manipulation, and follow‑through.

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  1. Richard Steven Hack

    Interesting that your Burger King asks for names. The Burger Kings I go to here in San Francisco simply use a number printed on your cash register receipt, and call out that number when your order is ready. Seems much safer and easier for the staff as well as the patrons.

    We have a ton of homeless here in San Francisco – and California in general. That doesn’t bother me as much as it does other people (I was homeless once or twice). Just saw an article today that said California has *half* the homeless people in the US!

    The end result, though, is that the Burger Kings and other fast food restaurants here – at least the ones downtown where most of the homeless are – tend to have a security guard on premises to throw out any pan handlers who come in harassing the customers. I’ve seen that happen in the one I usually go to downtown. The one up on Van Ness I also go to I don’t think has a security guard. The Kentucky Fried place near there does, however.

    Another point is that when the staff is Asian or Middle Eastern in these places, as many are in San Francisco, they tend to be fairly aggressive in getting rid of pan handlers or problem causers.

    1. Some of them here do the number thing too. Depends on the particular place.

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