Tactical Reloading

There is still considerable disagreement about the utility of the Tactical Reload. However, whether it has utility or not, it doesn’t have to be a clumsy technique. This is how the Tactical Reload is taught at the elite Rogers Shooting School and Dodd & Associates.

The magazines are handled by the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. For visual clarity in this photo essay, the partially depleted magazine is depicted by an empty stainless magazine and the full replacement magazine by a blue magazine with a dummy round on top.

  • Draw the reload magazine as usual, forefinger along the front.

1 Draw magazine

  • Slip the forefinger down the magazine so the full magazine is held between the forefinger and middle finger. This leaves the thumb and forefinger available to catch the partially depleted magazine.

2 slip finger

  • Eject the partial magazine between the thumb and forefinger and catch it.

3 catch depleted

  • Insert the full magazine, which is held between the forefinger and middle finger, into the pistol.

4 both mags

  • Stow the partial magazine in a pocket, pouch, or your belt.

This method uses the hand’s two most dexterous digits, the thumb and forefinger, to catch the partially depleted magazine. Using the hand’s most dexterous digits makes it simple to handle even double column magazines.

3 responses

  1. That’s the way we teach it at Gunsite.


    1. Yes, that’s how they taught us at Gunsite; I was in the 250 Defensive Pistol class this past October.

  2. The technique, as technique goes seems okay. I wonder, in an actual fight for your life in close quarters, with multiple adversaries, how well this would work. Having been there and successfully working alone against three armed adversaries, when the fight was over, I noticed my remaining round count was only two of nine that I started with. The lesson for me is two fold. 1) Carry a high cap pistol. 2) Carry the spare mag inside another high cap pistol.

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