What’s the likelihood that something unpleasant is going to happen?

Stupid people, stupid places, stupid things. This is a perfect example.

Going to a birthday memorial service (lasting until 12:30 am) to honor the memory of a person who was killed while conducting a carjacking. That fulfills all of the criteria. What’s the likelihood that something unpleasant is going to happen?

13 People Shot At Chicago House Party Honoring A Man Killed [while carjacking] In April

Note also that there were three different shooting scenes. 1) The initial shooting in the home, 2) one of the shooters outside waiting for people to come out and randomly shooting at them, and 3) another shooter firing at a vehicle going down the street.

‘We can’t normalize this kind of behavior,’ [Chicargo Mayor] Lightfoot said.

Roger that transmission.

The Chief of Patrol’s press conference:

CPD Chief of Patrol press conference


Some people who had been shot didn’t even know they were shot until later.

That’s something to keep in mind if you ever are in the vicinity of a shooting. Czech yourself quickly for gunshot wounds even if you don’t feel any pain. Sometimes even serious wounds are not painful when we’re highly adrenalized.

In other news from Chicargo:

Father stabbed son to death in Lakeview home


I’ve never been sorry I left Chicargo.

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  1. Steven M. Harris

    Not to worry, they have it! Solved for the future!

    “Police described the shooting as an “isolated incident” and said it is not believed to be gang-related. They do have video of the incident from POD cameras. They are upping patrols in the district through next weekend because of the warmer weather.”

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