Normalcy Day 2

I was not in much pain today so I went to Wal-Mart for a few things. They had ‘seasonal’ St. Patrick’s doughnuts so I bought one for dessert with my lunch. I like the combination of green and gold sprinkles; it makes me feel festive as a leprechaun.

normalcy lunch

DJ BoBo (a Swiss songwriter and performer that I follow) had a funny post on Instagram that I really liked so I’m passing it on. Auto translations are frequently comical.

DJ BoBo fun crop

I had a conversation with a lady today who was the only other person in K-Roget with a smile on her face. Some man had run down the aisle and snatched a roll of paper towels off the shelf just as she was going to get it. What he did made me think of “Do you understand fun?”

Let The Dream Come True.

BTW, DJ BoBo (the star in the center with the ponytail) was 47 when this video was made. That’s a man with a commitment to his athleticism.

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  1. What is your current Pepper spray? Is that the milk jug plastic holster for the sap?

    1. I’m using Sabre Red Stream pepper spray. Yes, it’s the water jug holster for my sap.

  2. Inavandownbytheriver

    Thanks again for these posts. A distant lighthouse blinking theough the stormy night of rumor and uncertainty. A reminder that stability and reason are within reach.

  3. Robert Margulies

    great video, and I appreciate staying in shape. I am 77 y/o and completed police academy at 73. Still patrolling. W/o every morning, right after daily prayers. Burpees in full tac gear, but not quite as fast as the 30 year olds, but I am also a state certified police firearms instructor. The staff was worried when I walked in, but…

    And not least, I appreciate your data driven articles.. Stay with it. Recover fast and completely. Stay safe.


    Robert Margulies, MD

    If you stay fit, you do not have to get fit. If you stay trained, you do not have to get trained. If you stay prepared, you do not have to get prepared.


  4. Hi thanks for all the great post. I was wondering what flashlight was on your keys. It would be awesome to see a post on your key set up. Thanks again

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