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More correctly, the title should be Locking the Slide to the Rear. For a new gunowner, this is not nearly as simple as is often believed. Locking the slide to the rear is an integral part of checking whether an autoloading pistol is loaded or not. For new gunowners, this is worth practicing every day until it can be done readily.

My ebook, Serious Mistakes Gunowners Make is an excellent purchase for new gunowners or as a present if you know a new gunowner.

Serious Mistakes Gunowners Make

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  1. 20-25 years ago I took a class with some friends. Mostly carbine, but some transition drills, so handguns mattered as well. One brought his P7 for that part (and of course his G3 as the “carbine,” and plausibly thinking he was just an HK fanboi, Jim Crews made him demonstrate he had a basic understanding of the manual of arms by saying “show me the three ways to lock the slide open.” (I can only recall two methods, but swear he said 3). My friend passed the quiz, did fine in class.

    Just loved that activing-slide-stop is a good test, much as you mention here, that someone knows how their gun works.

  2. Dustin Salomon from Building Shooters has posted a series of videos (previous work product) that were produced to complement the lessons in his book, Mentoring Shooters. The videos cover the first two lessons and are interactive with a real student. You can find these on the Building Shooters facebook page with a link to the Youtube videos. Highly recommended for the new gun owner and for those who mentor them in the fundamentals of safe gun handling (not shooting skills).

  3. Probably should keep your finger off the trigger when you are doing this!

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