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Many basic aspects of rifle marksmanship are a completely mystery to new gun owners and often long time owners. While not all the information in FM 3.22-9 is applicable to civilians, there’s a lot that’s worthwhile. If nothing else, read the sections about Trajectory (exterior ballistics) and Zeroing Procedures. People who have only worked with handguns and not rifles probably don’t have any notion of how important those things are when shooting a rifle. The truth is that many soldiers and veterans don’t understand them either.



There are a bewildering array of handguns and techniques out there. A decent reference is:




Since these are FREE, at least for now, there’s no excuse for not upping your knowledge about your weapon and how to use it.

You might even be interested in putting your new found knowledge to use by shooting the drills in my books. They’re written specifically to take you from the theoretical to the practical.

Tactical Professor books (all PDF) – Not FREE

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  1. They are not FREE! OR, am I missing some instructions?
    When I go to the page for downloads I am charged $7.99.

  2. Sorry, the Kindle books are FREE, mine are not. I should have made that more clear so I’ve edited the post.

  3. No worries.
    Thanks for the clarification.

    I appreciate your commentary and entire body of work. Thank you for sharing your experiences and perspective over all these years.

    Thanks again.

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