Know the rules or suffer a Negative Outcome

know the rules

Whatever side of the mask controversy you’re on, pulling a gun on someone because they want you to wear a mask is foolish.

According to prosecutors, the victim told police he was shopping in the produce section when he saw a man not wearing a mask. The victim told police he approached the man and told him to ‘put a mask on like the rest of us,’ prosecutors said.

After arguing, prosecutors said the man pulled his .22-caliber revolver from its holster, pointed it at the victim’s sternum, said ‘get the f— away’ and threatened to shoot him.

Prosecutors are requesting second-degree assault, third-degree assault and resisting arrest charges.

This man is in the process of suffering a Negative Outcome. Whatever the end disposition is, it will be expensive. The Process will probably not be the only Punishment.

Another aspect of the situation is the possibility of someone in such an agitated state having an Unintentional Discharge when they pull a gun. His weapon was pointed at the interventionist’s sternum and not ‘below the subject’s feet.’ Any intervention carries an element of risk associated with it. An alternate Negative Outcome would be springing a leak as a result of giving someone your two cents. Fortunately, the agitated man was carrying a revolver in this case.

As a peripheral issue, notice also the ineffectual positioning of the POlice department spokesperson’s mask.

Screenshot_2020-07-19 Prosecutors Man told to ‘put on a mask like the rest of us’ pulled gun on Fred Meyer shopper

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