Another ‘Worst Possible Case’ – Interrupting a Murderer

As I have commented before, there is no single ‘Worst Possible Case.’ Several news outlets reported the murder of an entrepreneur and venture capitalist this past Monday (7/13/2020). The murder occurred in his expensive ($2.25 million) high rise condo in New York City. It was a gruesome crime with the apparent intent to ‘disappear’ the victim.

There are several pertinent points but one that is seldom talked about is our reaction to finding a body. We have no idea what a killer’s timeline is nor even if the killer is still present or nearby.

Another source added it appeared that the killer had been “interrupted.”

A working theory is that because the body parts were still present and the saw still plugged in, the murderer hadn’t finished with the grisly task of dismemberment. Although the victim was attacked and most likely killed early Monday afternoon, his relative (either sister or cousin, the reports conflict) discovered the body on Tuesday afternoon. All things considered, the ‘cleaning up’ may have been going on for over a day.

wolfe cleanup

Probably the best Course of Action upon discovering a body is to RUN the other way as fast as you can and when in a safe place, call the POlice. Secondarily, if you are armed, be prepared to engage the killer without hesitation. If they’ve already killed someone else, they may not think twice about trying to kill you.

Note also the macabre, but most likely unintentional, dark humor of the POlice describing the decapitated victim as “unconscious and unresponsive.”

As is often the case, follow the money to the alleged murderer.

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  1. Clearly he was very successful at pissing someone off. If I had come upon the scene, I would make inquiry about what the Nigeria had done to earn this? Given a valid explanation, I might have helped. Just saying for a friend.

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  3. From a Facebook friend:

    Craziest “interrupting a murderer” case I ever heard was the young couple who passed Charles Whitman as he had just murdered a receptionist before going on his sniper killing spree in the tower at the University of Texas at Austin. They said “hi” to him and had to step over a blood trail as they walked by him holding a gun and didn’t realize what was transpiring. Fortunately, their obliviousness (extreme case of normalcy bias) may have saved their lives because he let them go on their way.

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