TSA redefines rules for flying with firearms

A heads up for those traveling by air with firearms. This new requirement has not been published on the Transportation Theater Agency’s website, however there are multiple reports that it has now gone into effect nationwide and is not airline specific. TSA agents have a paper copy of a new policy dated 7/21/2020 being used as the enforcement rules.

Synopsis of the new rule is that handguns must be secured in a locked hard sided case INSIDE a larger piece of luggage. For instance, having handguns secured in a Pelican case alone will no longer be sufficient. John Farnam’s post gives more details.


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  1. Matthew Dropco

    This is interesting. I was doing this with a Pelican style case inside of a large suitcase for flights for a few years now. The reason is 1 checked piece of luggage, and also so a pelican case doesn’t come down the luggage chute for anyone who has even a little bit of savvy doesn’t look for and pick it up to break open later. Also, to help prevent the less than honest folks that sometimes work for airlines and tsa from just taking it. Which is happening a lot with UPS shipments. It would have been nice, however, for TSA to make announcement about it. I mean, there’s this thing called Twitter, Facebook & Instagram that would have gotten the info re-shared overnight to everyone.

  2. Not to sound suspicious or anything, but an unpublished rule interpretation that favors the company Mr. Farnham appears to have an interest in deserves a bit more investigation.

  3. Respectfully, where exactly is this information coming from? I’m aware of Mr. Farnham’s recent posting on his DTI site. But he doesn’t provide a source for this supposed change. And if you go to TSA’s site (link below), there is no mention of a recent change or that a separate hard case is now required inside the main case. All it says, is

    “The container must completely secure the firearm from being accessed. Locked cases that can be easily opened are not permitted.”

    Which, to the best of my recollection, is what it has always said…but I obviously don’t have the TSA site memorized.


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