The Law is what it is

I shared this on my personal Facebook timeline and from there dozens of other people have shared it.

Texas grand jury: No action against killer of church shooter

Several questions and comments have repeatedly been raised as a result.

  • He should never have been charged.
  • Why did it go to a Grand Jury?
  • Why is this even an issue?

He wasn’t charged. The issue went to a Grand Jury because Texas requires homicides, and all potential felonies, to be presented to a Grand Jury.

Another issue to consider is that the incident occurred December 29, 2019. The Grand Jury returned a No-Bill yesterday, September 28, 2020, nine months later. Because all potential felonies have to go to a Grand Jury in Texas, they’re busy. Although in this case there was little doubt of the outcome, Mr. Wilson still had potential legal action hanging over his head for the better part of a year. It is likely that his family thought about this just as much as he did, perhaps more so.

The Law is what it is, not what we think it is, nor what we think it should be. Many people don’t understand the importance of that distinction.

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2 responses

  1. Hopefully some will read this, and come to understand that distinction. Thank you for writing it, Claude.

  2. Sir: The United States Constitution is the ultimate law of the land, correct? Without it we would not be the United States Of America. Twice in my life I have taken an oath to uphold and defend it, anyone who was ever in the military or public service of any kind has taken this oath. It strikes me therefore that all those who are enacting these anti-gun laws are actually the ones who are breaking the law – the RIGHT to keep and bear arms SHALL not be infringed!!! Period. What am I missing here? Andrew F. McLain ________________________________

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