Your car is not a holster (again)

Someone entered the unlocked vehicle

Gun, other police equipment stolen from Salina officer’s personal vehicle

“Meanwhile, two more unlocked vehicles were broken in to [sic] in Kipp overnight, as well as one parked in front of a rural Kipp residence. “

In case anyone wonders what ‘Kipp Kansas’ (population <500) looks like, here’s a Google satellite view.

Kipp is part of the Salina, Kansas micropolitan area, a Census Bureau area consisting of two COUNTIES of Kansas.,_Kansas_micropolitan_area The two counties had a total population of 61,697, according to the 2010 Census.

My mother used to tell us “Nice people keep their doors closed and locked.” That includes your car and garage door, too. Please don’t leave your gun in there either, just because you’re too lazy to take it into the house with you. Being a POlice is irrelevant.

4 responses

  1. It drives me nuts when folks say, “ My car was broken into.” When in fact, they left it unlocked.

    Gary J. Glemboski


  2. In as much Kipp is less than ten minutes from the nearest city and major highway, it should not be a surprise that over $5,000 worth of police gear was stolen from a unlocked car along with burglary’s of several other unlocked cars in this “safe” small town.
    I would think that the thieves are long gone.

  3. So, the officer had a lot of valuable police equipment in his or her PERSONAL vehicle, and didn’t lock it. To start with, way to be responsible with someone else’s property, let alone it was a gun and other potentially dangerous equipment.

  4. Is this that “Gunshow loophole” I keep hearing about?

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