Someone thought their car was a holster

Investigators said initial reports indicated the 9-year-old had found a handgun inside the car.

9-year-old believed to have fatally shot 11-year-old boy in car in Pleasant Grove, Dallas police say

My tolerance for this kind of idiocy gets lower and lower with every one of these incidents I read about. Anyone who leaves an unsecured gun in a car is a fool. People who do it can sugar coat their reasons all they want and I’m still going to say:

If you leave an unsecured gun in your car, you’re a fool. If you consider this an acceptable practice, please unsubscribe from this blog; I don’t suffer fools gladly.

When a child gets shot because of an adult’s carelessness about securing a firearm, it’s no different than if the child was killed while the adult was drinking and driving.

Mommy and Daddy, where’s my older brother?

He’s not with us because you killed him when we left you alone in the car with an unsecured loaded gun.

Think about having that conversation any time you feel like leaving your gun in the car.

Serious Mistakes Gunowners Make

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  1. Also, guns stolen from cars has become THE major source for guns used by gangbangers and criminals.

  2. While I ‘ll agree that it generally isn’t a good practice, I don’t really see it as being anyone’s business but the parents. Accidents happen all the time because of negligence. Negligence isn’t a crime. We don’t need a nanny state trying to make the world safe for everyone. Idiots can have a higher fatality rate than everyone else, and I’m okay with that. Even when it applies to their descendants. Darwin won’t be denied.

    That may seem harsh, but I’ll tell you what the next step down this slippery slope will be. When the authorities decide parents make bad career choices and don’t make enough money, or don’t push their kids hard enough academically, or don’t feed them healthy enough meals, or let them watch the “wrong” news station or read the “wrong” books. Those authorities will be all too happy to justify removing children from parents so that they can be raised in the “approved” state-controlled environment, with all the “right” political indoctrination. It’s on its way. You know it is.

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