Breaking Contact (Part 4)

Breaking Contact Part 4 is up.

Marissa Alexander,  Alexander Weiss, and Jerome Ersland are the cases discussed in the post.

The lesson for concealed carriers is that if you manage to break contact with a perceived aggressor, do not re-engage.

One response

  1. I agree! Re-engaging is usually a bad idea. When the fight is ON, do your business inside the framework of the fight, NOT in a separate fight of your making. So, any ‘anchor’ shots should happen during the primary action. My recommended strategy is simple. Accurate fire, at a rate of three or more times a second will ‘incapacitate’ an adversary, even when protected by body armor. During those fractions of a second, close distance. Punch your pistol into the mouth of your adversary, angle your pistol downward by driving the butt upward, the shot fired will end the hostilities. Even multiple armed attackers, upon seeing your behavior will flee. Bold action, with no regard for personal ‘safety’ is required. Force your adversary to look for cover. “Distance is Your Friend” only applies when your adversary is – A) identified from more than 30 feet away. AND B) is in possession of a rifle or shotgun. Under those conditions, find new geography, fast. You are out-gunned. On the other hand, if you are armed with a long-gun too, go to town using the method described. Oh, as you know, I’ve done that with three armed felons intent on taking me. Any ideas of extracting ‘street vengeance’ only happens in the survivors dreams.

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