Leg shots

Initial investigation revealed several individuals were in the home watching tv and playing games through the night. A 37-year-old Ridgely, Maryland man became enraged and began attacking the other occupants with a knife. At some point during the altercation, one of the stabbing victims retrieved a shotgun and shot the male subject in the leg.

The 37-year-old Ridgely man was transported by EMS to Bayhealth Kent General where he was pronounced dead.


So much for the idea that shooting someone in the leg isn’t the application of deadly force. The Village Idiot JRB has no clue but that’s no surprise.

The Delaware State POlice initial report for the incident.


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  1. r.remington@wavecable.com

    It’s not like there aren’t some very important blood bearing vessels in the lower extremities……..

  2. The higher-quality version is apparently no longer on YouTube, but this shows an alleged robber being shot in the leg (at 0:30), losing copious amounts of blood, then losing consciousness (at 1:13).

    There’s a whole lot wrong with the handling of the situation up to then, FWIW.

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