Shiny! – Surefire Try-Out Haul

A friend at Surefire sent me a large box of swag as a present. A number of flashlights were in the package, as well as some batteries and CDs.

As much as I advocate using flashlights to avoid Negative Outcomes, I should talk more about the particulars of those tools. So, for several weeks I’ll be writing a series of #flashlightfriday posts. It will be a ‘Try-Out Haul’ as the YouTube models say.

Comrade Detective

The Surefire 6P LED has been my bedside light for years. It’s a tried and true product and well regarded in the industry. A Streamlight Microstream I received from HK-USA has been on my keychain for a couple of years now. It’s been useful and convenient to carry.

I’m going to try out the new gear from Surefire to see what I think of it as an upgrade for my current setup. On Friday, I’ll be reviewing the Sidekick, which will take the place of the Microstream on my keychain.

Also included in the package was an invitation to attend the Inaugural Surgical Speed Shooting Summit. The event will be held in Tennessee in June of 2022. It’s still in the planning stages but as more information becomes available, I will post it.

FTC Notice: These products were sent to me gratis but I receive no compensation for writing about them.

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  1. Curious: When you try something out, do you make a commitment to it? E.g., “I’m going to carry the Sidekick on my keychain for (say) 30 days and 30 nights (to make sure I get a true read on it).”

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    1. Although I don’t have a specific length of time I try something out, I try to give it a good workout in a variety of tasks.

  2. Chuck Haggard

    I carry a Stiletto every single day since I got one, from the same guy I’m guessing. It’s an incredibly capable and handy light for the size. That Scout light is also very good gear. The x300u has been pretty much the state of the art pistol light for years.

  3. Last time I used a flashlight was walking about 100 yds in the dark with one of our divers along a root filled river path after we decided not to deploy them looking for an 11 year old lost in the Mississippi.

    Quite a mouthful, but I was very glad I’d stuck my Surefire in my pocket before i went to the dive team callout before dark. You never know when you’ll need a flashlight.

  4. I am a fan of the Surefire lights, have been for a long time and still have all that I collected/used through the years. Recently (in the past year) I bought an Olight Warrior Mini. It has a small form factor, is extremely bright, and is rechargeable. I’ve been using it for my EDC and it has performed well. The company provides a full five-year warranty on all Olight flashlights, and will repair or replace any defective flashlights. After that, the company will repair a flashlight for free, with the customer picking up the tab for any replacement parts. The only con I have is that they are based and manufactured in China.

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