Bullet fired into Representative’s district office

Rep. Spencer Roach’s district office staff returned to work Monday to find a bullet hole in the building.

The shot entered the office feet from Roach’s desk.


Negative Outcome.

4 responses

  1. Agree completely with the Rep Roach, keep the gun handling restricted to the gun range. Learning opportunity, thank goodness no one was hurt.

    1. There are ways to make training and practice safe away from a range, they just weren’t followed in this case. Gun ranges are actually terrible places for training and non-shooting practice, paradoxical as that seems.

  2. Something is wrong with the safety protocols that Black Dog Defense uses. Maybe the classes are too big for the instructors to watch what the students are doing? Maybe they are not doing an equipment inspection at the beginning of the class to remove live ammo from the classroom?

  3. Tacticool Memes

    Here is the article confirming it was a training class ND. https://archive.is/FYmjI

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