Energizer® Tactical Metal Flashlight


Small, inexpensive, and readily available flashlights are very useful. I purchased an Energizer 300 lumen Tactical Metal Flashlight https://www.energizer.com/lighting/tactical-metal-flashlights#ENPMHT1L at The Home Depot for $9.98.

The flashlight runs on one 123 battery and has three modes. The high mode is 300 lumens, the output for the low mode is unspecified but may be 30 lumens based on the product literature, and a strobe mode. There are no instructions packaged with it nor on the website but through a process of trial and success, I discovered that it goes into High, then Low, then Strobe by rapidly clicking the button on the tailcap. If the light is left off for about two seconds, it will go back to High mode the next time it is turned on. The switch is capable of momentary flash and the same cycle sequence results.

It has a clip that can easily be reversed for head up or head down carry. Being a one cell light, it’s easily carried in a pocket. There is also a hole in the tailcap that accepts a keyring (not included). This is useful for quickly removing the flashlight when it’s clipped head down inside a pocket.

The TAC 300 has a crenelated bezel but not tailcap. The reason for having a crenelated tailcap has always escaped me so I’m glad of that. The tailcap has a lip to help keep the button from being accidentally depressed but the lip is scalloped enough to provide easy access to the button. I have found that orienting the clip opposite the scallop gives the easiest access when gripping the flashlight.

It is rather bigger than the Surefire Sidekick so it’s more suited to being a pocket flashlight than something to be carried on a keyring.

Overall, a very workable little light that is not expensive. There’s no reason to not have a flashlight next to your pistol when something like this is so readily available.

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