Anatomy of a Carjacking and Murder

A sad story that hits close to home. The incident occurred near my home and I have topped off my tires at this pump many times.

A man went into a QuikTrip gas station on Sunday afternoon at 12:30PM. This is a large busy gas station in an upscale area. It is just across the street from two high end shopping malls.

He pulled up to the air pump with his passenger side next to the pump and proceeded to top off the tires on that side. A black sedan with three men in it backed into the space next to him. One of the men then got into the driver’s seat of the victim’s car. This is a crime known as ‘sliding,’ which is technically not a carjacking in the State of Georgia but is close enough for our purpose of analysis.

In retrospect the ‘Safe Place’ sign was incorrect.

When the man noticed the hijacker in his driver’s seat, he came around the car and got into an ‘altercation’ with the hijacker. A second man then got out of the black sedan and entered the fray, making it a two on one affair between the two cars.

A clueless bystander, oblivious to the altercation, pulled up behind the victim’s car. She thereby unintentionally blocked it in. When the initial hijacker attempted to pull the victim’s car out, he collided with the bystander’s vehicle.

At this point, the hijacker got out of the victim’s car. One of the two hijackers involved in the ‘altercation’ then shot and killed the victim. Both of them returned to their vehicle and all three sped off.

“The identity of the suspects and their vehicle is unknown at this time” according to the POlice.

The deceased has a lot of cred as a really decent guy and it’s very sad to see his life cut short.

Lock your doors and take the keys with you whenever you leave your vehicle. Tire maintenance always puts you in a head down posture. Do your best to maintain your awareness of the area around you. Cars that pull up next to mine always give me the willies from the old days. At an air pump, it’s common and almost always benign but obviously not 100% safe.

“As long as we can both get out of the car, just let them have it. I have insurance and the car isn’t worth either of our lives anyway.”

–my instructions about potential carjacking to a former girlfriend who lived in a sketchy area

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  1. I go to discount tire stores and use their free tire air check service—suggest to readers?

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  2. If this station is a risky area for transient movement, spend a few dollars, buy an air compressor and do this at home. Minimizing risk is easier than defensive reactions.

  3. Solid advice.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Steve Trahan

  4. Raymond Cheng

    This particular gas station is also close to 2 high schools. A lot of kids get their gas from there and hang out at those shopping malls. Being at an upscale area doesn’t spare from this. Raymond Cheng, M.D.


  5. Lots of modern cars beep at you around freezing when the tire pressure goes too low. It’s hard to find a safe place to top them off, and you kind of have to leave the car running to see if the idiot light goes out.

    The suggestion of buying a compressor is a good one, but beyond many people’s incomes. I don’t have a better one, other than maybe have a wingman who watches out while you do this, and vice versa?

    I always stand at the rear of the car when filling, usually with a hand on OC or something else, trying to stay aware of my surroundings and the people in it. Car’s locked, keys are in my pocket. Hopefully I look alert enough to fail victim selection.

  6. Sound advice.
    Thank you for providing the sad story. There are people out there who will kill you on a whim. I try to convey that to my students – it is a hard lesson.

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