The perils of holsterless carry

“The gun was in his waistband not holstered and loaded. The gun slipped down his leg, he attempted to grab it, and was somehow manipulating the weapon and discharged the firearm,”

Sgt. Akeem Turnbull with Lovejoy Police

Hit himself and three other people with one Unintentional Discharge. A modern day William Tell.

3 responses

  1. Have to consider,….after the 3 unintentional gunshot victims get their lawyers involved,  will he be able to afford a holster?

  2. Many of the self inflicted NDs with injury by local gangsters have occurred in this manner
    –a LE friend

  3. The round fragmented, I assume?

    We mention it in the safety brief of our Steel Challenge; don’t ever try to catch a dropped gun.

    I’d say it was in Walmart, but someone would probably be offended.

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