Don’t Get Tied Up

“When they get the duct tape [or zip ties] out, it’s time to make your move, ready or not.”

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

A tragic story from California. An entire family kidnapped and murdered. Even their 8 month old baby was not spared.

“Surveillance video showed the suspect — later identified as Salgado — leading the Singh brothers, who had their hands zip-tied behind their backs, into the back seat of Amandeep Singh’s pickup truck. He drove the brothers away and returned several minutes later.”

Back in the 1980’s, Evan Marshall, a now retired DEEtroit POlice sergeant, laid out his plan if he got caught up in a store robbery while off-duty.

“As long as all they’re doing is taking money from the register, I’m going to act like a CPA from Akron and be a good witness. But if they start searching people, making customers get on the ground, or herding people into a back room, my wife knows to get away from me because I’m going to start shooting.”

While I know of a few incidents where a kidnappee didn’t come to physical harm, they’re few and far between. When a criminal intends to tie you up, they’re not after stuff, they’re after YOU. Nothing good is likely to come of that. Whether you’re armed or not, it’s time to start fighting. Even if you get killed in the process, the chances your baby won’t be left outside to die of exposure become much better.

Have that decision made ahead of time and act on it without hesitation if the need arises.

RIP Singh family.

2 responses

  1. “Have The Decision Made Ahead Of Time”. NOTHING Is More Important. After High School and school boy fights, I determined that any adult willing to engage me in a fight has made a decision to have the cemetery be his next stop. Normal adults do not fight. Decades later, when attacked by three armed thugs determined to ‘take’ me, the decision was already in place. The leader was DRT in about one second. My method was so outrageously violent, the accomplices immediately ran for their lives. Had my decision not been well implanted in the part of the brain that deals with serious emergencies, the outcome could have favored them.

  2. Is that the same Evan Marshall who committed fraud for years with his “Stopping Power” nonsense?

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