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I am pleased to announce that Dr. William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting and I have teamed up to create a class about the intellectual side of personal protection. It’s a class designed to work your brain in preparation for the period before an assault to avoid it and, if necessary, rout the attacker.

He will focus on the psychology of Violent Criminal Actors and Victim Selection. My part will cover Strategy, Tactics, Options, and Decision-Making Exercises. This will be a full weekend of learning about how the criminal mind works, how to avoid being picked for victimization, and the decisions necessary to preclude and defeat criminal attacks.

All training will be in the classroom. There will be no shooting, gunhandling, or physical contact involved. However, there will be a significant number of decision-making exercises using a new method I have devised. Every student will leave the class having made decisions to use lethal force, non-lethal force, or no force numerous times.

We would like to solicit some input on what to call the class. The titles we’ve come up with so far, some wordy and some short, don’t really please either of us. William likes The Deep End: Knowledge-Based Management of Criminal Violence but that’s wordier than I like. He wasn’t much for my idea, Those Crazy Criminals, and How to Outthink Them.

So, I am creating a little contest. Send me your suggestion for what you think a good name for the class would be. Only one entry per person, please. William and I will pick the Top Five entries. Each of the Top Five entries will receive a complimentary set of my newly updated Pistol Practice Program and Serious Mistakes Gunowners Make CDs. Entries can be [preferably] emailed to or as responses to this announcement on my Tactical Professor Facebook page.

I’m also offering the combination set of the Pistol Practice Program and Serious Mistakes at a 25% savings on my webstore. Anyone who purchases the new combination set and then becomes one of the Top Five will receive a full refund, including shipping.

The schedule of the class dates will be available in the next few weeks. The initial class will be held in the Atlanta area in early Fall. Other cities around the country will follow.

Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions.

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  1. Before you pull the trigger. The decision making process that will help you make the correct decision.

  2. Robert Margulies

    Decisions Decisions Decisions: how and when >

  3. Joseph Paskvan

    Mind prep vs manic panic

  4. Psycho mindset of criminal encounters

  5. Violent encounter mitigation, action and reaction……. Cheers! Al ThompsonColumbia SC

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  6. I emailed my submission, but I thought you’d get a kick out of William and I’s team-up class…”Check Up From the Neck-Up!”

    Sherman A. House DDS


    1. Say… Aren’t you that pesky revolver guy? Enjoyed the Remedial Action Kit post.

      1. No… he’s just another pesky dentist! It takes one to know one! 😉

  7. Hi Claude — this attached paper describes the Shadow Box Methodology of training decision making based on the critical decision making of SMEs in specific scenarios that are then presented to students. Very robust method and well suited to your concept I think. Gary Klein is an excellent researcher (I worked with him at NASA for a little bit) and he’s very pragmatic at getting to good models through detailed interviews with SME. This method is used right now in some military contexts as well as in fire, but unfortunately not in LE or firearms training.

    I tried something like that back in the 90s when I write the STREET SMARTS column for awhile — I posed a scenario to top people (Clint Smith, John Farnam, Lofty Wiseman, Ed Lovette, Dave Spaulding, Bob Taubert etc) and then published their responses. Very controversial and probably ahead of the audience at the time.

    Good luck with your class — it sounds EXCELLENT and is very much needed.

    Cheers m

  8. Cut your reaction time: Understanding Criminal Behavior

  9. Reblogged this on Growing Up Guns and commented:
    I’ll be attending this course for its first run at the end of July in the Atlanta area. I hope to see you all there.

  10. tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin)

    I can’t come up with a catchy name but I am pleased to see someone offer this kind of training. Every time I have a conversation about self defense training I tell people that my approach to self defense is surveillance/countersurveillance, evasion and escape. I usually get a blank stare or worse told to get some training. Self defense is not about the gun.

  11. This class is a great idea. I always liked your term “fail the interview”, so how about “The Criminal Interview, how to recognize it and how to fail it”. Or some other variation on it.

  12. Marcus Wynne’s response sparked my idea:

    “Post-Graduate Street Smarts,” with DOCTOR William Aprill and Claude Werner, the Tactical PROFESSOR…


    Interesting theme for a class. I look forward to taking it; however, in my experience, making an intellectual decision to use force and actually using force are two different things. Jim >

  14. To Force Or Not To Force: Short Shucking The Criminal Mind

  15. Prevail with Informed Assessment and Intelligent Response

  16. When; where and can we film it?

  17. Richard Koefod

    How about: “Defence Against Criminals: A Cognitive Approach”?

  18. In a hat tip to Paul Harvey how about “personal protection, the rest of the story.”

  19. Counter-Violence Initiative(s), or inverted, Initiative Counter-Violence

  20. Michael Harris

    Brains before brawn.

  21. Call it “Force Decisions.”


    How about “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on the internet?”

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