HEBREW HOGGER 2016: Training and Pork-Raiser

My class for this One Day Conference in Nashville on July 31 is called STOPP.
Strategy, Tactics, and Options for Personal Protection
This class focuses on helping students define the Personal Strategy that is appropriate for them. After defining an appropriate Strategy, students will learn the Tactics and Options that are most relevant to their personal situation and Strategy.

Numerous other instructors will be presenting as well.


HEBREW HOGGER 2016: Training and Pork-Raiser

WHEN? JULY 31, 2016 8AM to 5PM. Registration begins at 7:30AM!
WHERE? 4607 Sloan Rd, Nashville, TN 37209
WHY? This is a tactical training conference to raise funds to help save the Oinkin’ Acres Farmstead, owned by US Army veteran, medic, Tactical Response Instructor, Paul-E-Palooza Cadre Member and Legendary Hebrew Hogger, Eli Miller. In early 2016, Eli was involved in a lawful self-defense situation and his legal defense has caused enormous financial distress. All funds raised will go to saving the Farmstead. In addition to the training, Eli will have available for purchase a variety of his prize-winning, heirloom pork products! Support the Farmstead in the most delicious, bacon-y way possible.
Dr. Sherman A. House (The People’s Dentist and Revolver Science)
Dr. William Aprill (Aprill Risk Consulting)
Claude Werner (The Tactical Professor)
Mark Luell (Growing…

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  1. This is going to be great! I’m excited to present, but I’m also excited to hear what everyone else is going to be presenting!

  2. Claude, Don’t think I can make this but I’ll be happy to donate $100. Any info. as to how? Jack

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