Can’t help you

This email arrived from a friend today. Things like this are why I do what I do.

Yesterday I was filling my vehicle with gas at my neighborhood Shell station and out of the corner of my eye I saw an unkempt person lurking around the building and heading to the gas pumps. I lost sight of him for a moment due to vehicles entering and exiting the station. Suddenly, he was on the other side of my pump, headed in my direction.

My first visual image was Claude Werner, hand up, saying I can’t help you, followed by me doing the same thing, as I moved around the corner of my car to get an object and distance between the fellow and me. He did not even finish his opening line, he turned and looked for someone else to approach.

Claude, you taught me well! Thank you very much!

Note that this was a decision made in advance (to be aggressively uncooperative) and then chosen as a response in the moment. That’s the best way.

4 responses

  1. Claude, absolutely priceless. THANK YOU for doing what you do…….

  2. 9/10 people think it is just about pulling a trigger. Sad, but true. I believe training in the true sense of the word to be 90% mental and 10% physical.The fight will be won (or lost) in the mind. I submit it is pure laziness that causes folks to be so gun-centric in their defensive solutions.”I have a gun on my side, why worry”. If the mind is engaged properly there will generally be things that can be done to AVOID pressing that trigger.

    1. I think most people think nothing bad will ever happen to them . I can’t tell you the time I’ve heard someone tell me “ the odds of this or that happing “ If the “ odds “ are 90% something bad won’t happen. It’s ok unless you are the 10%.

      There are far to many people walking around in public with earbuds in or playing on their iPhones. It is a mindset that becomes a lifestyle. We see things ahead of time and already have a plan for it.

      It is in the mind .

  3. Just today before seeing this post, I scheduled a zero physical contact, blue gun scenario class skills and drills. The last one sold out.

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