Why we wear caps on the range

The reason we wear caps on the range is to keep brass from hitting our faces. Especially to avoid having brass get behind your glasses and burn your face. I forgot to wear my cap two days ago and a piece of .22 brass got behind my glasses.

Eye burn crop

As you might imagine, it was painful. Fortunately, I maintained my composure and didn’t muzzle my friend who was with me. Wear your safety equipment, including a cap. Nonetheless, be mentally prepared to get burned by brass, maintain your composure and your muzzle discipline.

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  1. Jo Ann Wheatley

    Ouch; I’d bet that everyone who reads your blog has a scar like that somewhere. Mine was from .22 brass also; nasty little suckers.

    1. .22 brass can work its way into places centerfire brass won’t fit.

  2. thecompletecombatant

    I am sorry you got burned but happy the outcome was not worse. We added BALL CAP to our range “Gear List” several years ago. It is the #1 item that gets ignored. We now carry extra ball caps to the range w us so if a student forgets, we have ya covered. Thanks for posting this and we will be sharing this often as a reminder.

  3. This is one reason I prefer to shoot with my safety glasses rather than regular glasses. Good ones have shields all around the lens/frame openings to the face.

  4. Mr. Claude Werner …. I would like to include this photo in my training curriculum as a demonstration on the value of wearing a billed cap. Do I have your permission to use the photo, with appropriate credit to you?

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