Door locks work

“This is the first year since I have been tracking that 100% of vehicle thefts occurred in unlocked vehicles. Not a single car window was broken to steal anything.”

I learned my lesson about this when I was 17 in Chicargo.  It only took one occurrence for me to get the message. One response to Greg’s post on Facebook was:

In that 3 month period my next door neighbor had his UNLOCKED car broken into IIRC 4 times.

Locking your doors is part of what’s called Defense in Depth. Sure, some criminals could still get in but the harder you make it, the more of them will just go somewhere else.

And please don’t leave firearms in your car, either, even if it’s locked. Your car is not a holster, as Pat Rogers put it. If you sometimes have to go into places where you aren’t allowed to have your firearm on your person, get a lockbox or safe for your vehicle. The ‘truck gun’ concept is a load of Horse Hockey.

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  1. I’m still laughing. Of course locks work. It’s the people who forget that are the problem. Thanks for the post. Just in case, just in time for summer.

  2. Thank you for saying that as well.

    Telling people to not leave guns in cars caused a ton of screeching on my FB page. The truth hurts I guess.

  3. Wynn Matthews

    Small point on semantics. If a person leaves their vehicle or home unlocked, thieves do not “break in”, they simply opened the door. In 24 years I can count on one hand the number of vehicles that were actually broken into. All the rest, the door was simply opened. Add another vote against the “truck/car” gun concept unless there is a LE grade lock up system installed. Hundreds of guns per year get stolen from cars.

  4. Just a few days ago on Nextdoor, a local neighborhood watch lead posted about the extreme rise in auto-theft in Austin right now. Excerpt:

    Officer Rose Perez put out several weeks ago here on nextdoor that 16 of the last 20 cars stolen had there keys inside of them or the car was running. This is not good! We are making it easy for people to steal our cars and we are the only ones that can change that. Thieves are in our neighborhoods every night looking for opportunities like this. Don’t give them that opportunity. Lets do a better job and not leave our keys in our cars or running when we are not in them. A lot of these cars are not even locked so no broken glass either. We need to ALWAYS lock our car doors everywhere we go. If you don’t, you are opening up yourself to become a victim and posting about it here on nextdoor in the future.


  5. And quit leaving your stuff in your unlocked cars!!!

    My neighbors would complain to our homeowners association that someone stole their cell phone, laptop, wallet, checkbook, Ipad, house keys, etc., etc. etc. from their car parked in their driveway. I would ask how the thieves got in their car and they would reply, “I must have left it unlocked”. I park my car in my garage and even then I NEVER leave anything of value in it.

    I would ask why they they didn’t park in their garage and they would say it was too full of stuff. Probably stuff that wasn’t worth the the cost of an Ipad. You can’t protect fools from themselves.

  6. I own a Jeep Wrangler. I NEVER leave anything worth stealing or playing with inside it. Even locked, it would take 10 seconds to cut through the top and open it to miscreants. It has still been cut open by thieves – to no avail.
    Use your brain, folks. The bad guys don’t.

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