Comparative Standards – Double Action Autos

I enjoyed the #wheelgunwednesday Comparative Standards exercise enough to repeat it. This time the test was with Double Action autoloaders. Five different autos, three Double Action Only and two Traditional Double Action were the test subjects. Four were 9mm and one was a .22.

  • SCCY CPX-2
  • Sig P250
  • Smith & Wesson 6906
  • Beretta Centurion 92D
  • Walther P22 (Remington Golden Bullet bulk ammo)

All the guns were similarly sized enough that I used the same Mister Softy holster for all of them. The Mister Softy is interesting in that the gun sits low enough in the pants that a full firing grip can’t be gained in the holster. I didn’t notice the lack of a full firing grip was an impediment. The need for a full firing grip in an AIWB holster is another one of the industry maxims I have doubts about. Maybe I just have clever hands.

mr softy sq

I used the same protocols for shooting and scoring as last time so I won’t reiterate them.

Range setup

Here’s how this iteration came out.

0824 results



The SCCY is an interesting pistol, accuracy wise. Out to 15 yards, it keeps pace with all the others. Past 15 yards, its accuracy drops off and not in proportion to the range. I’ve noticed this before. Regardless of the ammo I use, that’s a constant. My copy has been as reliable as any of my other guns.

Sig sq

Sig P250

6906 sq

S&W 6906 – I’m sad S&W stopped making metal framed pistols

92D sq

Beretta 92D – Double Action Only

P22 sq

I haven’t painted the P22’s front sight orange yet and I noticed the difference.

I shot the Walther quite a bit more but had no malfunctions or Failures to Fire with Remington Golden Bullet bulk ammo in the 525 round box. Remington has really upped their game there. At one time, Golden Bullet was a standard other .22s could be judged against. Around the Turn of the Century, its quality really dropped off. Recent production seems to have fixed that.

To recap from last time, the SD9VE is about half a second ahead of the 6906, which scored the best of the Double Action guns. Next time, I’ll include my Boresight Solutions Glock 19, so I’ll have a high end gun in the mix.

This is an interesting test. I like that it’s not ammunition intensive.

If you would like to purchase my eBook Concealed Carry Skills and Drills, the link to the downloadable ebook is here.

FTC note: I bought all the guns and gear mentioned except the SCCY pistol. I receive no compensation for anything I mention.

4 responses

  1. I occasionally appendix carry an LCP, which sits too low for a full firing grip. SLIGHTLY slower draw but not a concern. My thumb pulls it up far enough for my fingers to take over.

    Try that with my M&P and it simply wouldn’t work. But if I’m carrying the LCP, it’s because concealment is more important.

  2. Where do you get that 10 ring target?

    1. I made it. It’s one of the targets included in my eBook Concealed Carry Skills and Drills.

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