Scaled target rifle qualification

One of the challenges with rifles is evaluating proficiency with limited resources. One approach is the US Army Scaled Target Alternate Qualification Course. The Course is found in Field Manual 3-22.9 . It can be shot on any range that has 25 meters (28 yards) of space. Even if your range only has 25 yards, it’s still a good course; just recognize that the targets are 10 percent closer than the values on the target.

There are three Tables (stages) totaling 40 rounds.

25 m scaled target firing tables b

Table 1 is shot from prone supported but for our purposes, a benchrest would also be legitimate. Table 2 is shot from prone unsupported and Table 3 is shot kneeling unsupported.

Prone supported.jpg

Table 1


Tables 2 and 3

Your rifle should be zeroed for that distance because the targets are small.

It’s a course well worth shooting on occasion, just to see where you are.

ratings 2011

Final target

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  1. Thanks for posting this. We used these in Korea during the 80’s. I found them more challenging then a conventional range.

  2. Excellent post. At first I actually thought this was going to be a reference to the 25 yd. modified AQT that Project Appleseed uses. The Appleseed ones incorporate the 3 positions and have an final stage for slow prone. Since I dont imagine too many soldiers taking shots offhand or sitting crosslegged, I think the one you posted here is a much more applicable drill.

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