Jack Ryan Season 2

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Although the female character Harriet Bauman in the latest Jack Ryan series on Prime described herself as ‘former KSK,’ [German Special Forces] no women had passed the KSK selection process as of 2015. Being part of the BND [German Federal Intelligence Service] would be more believable except that there is no particular method of transition from those services to each other. A more likely transition would have been from the KSA [Strategic Reconnaissance Command of the Bundeswehr].

Overall, the second season has been largely disbelievable and highly contrived. The sequence involving the assassination of Senator Moreno was ridiculous. The idea that the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service wouldn’t be on top of the travel and security arrangements for a visiting US Senator in a semi-hostile country is laughable. To compound the absurdity came the recruiting of a reluctant and non-vetted ‘boat driver’ for the CIA Special Activities Center nee Division team. Then the boat driver and Ryan becoming total loose cannons made it even worse.

I haven’t read a Tom Clancy book in a while but I hardly think he would approve of this buffoonery.


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  1. Not to mention the complete, and typically Hollywood, willful ignorance of history in which the “bad guy” current president is a nationalist, yet no reference is made to the true root of that nation’s problems, which is socialism. Also, in the series the corrupt president suggests that the “rural” votes will support him. In reality the urban vote handed Venezuela to the socialists. So, agreed, Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave.

    1. The backwards politics were another aspect that made me crazy.

  2. Not to mention 1990 calling to get their ARs back. What Tier 1 group (or former Tier 1 group ) uses fixed carry handle uppers with optics mounted to the carry handle. The only interesting character was the German assassin and when he was offed show really went down the crapper.

    1. If you don’t use the sights, the carry handle issue doesn’t matter. 🙂

  3. I’ve tried to watch the Jack Ryan series, but the characters are so far removed from Clancy’s originals, I gave up. Too cartoonish.

  4. Typical Hollywood fare. But then all the shows are like that from Law and Order which in the early days was pretty good to total crap now to NCIS which is ridiculous. As a Retired F/F Chicago Fire makes me gag.

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