Get Ready (part 2)

Why do people carry an autoloader with an empty chamber? Because they’re concerned about having an Unintentional Discharge.

Sheriff’s gun goes off inside Walmart during a ‘Shop with a Sheriff’ event

One of the comments about the incident on Facebook sums up many people’s feelings about it.

Pickens County Georgia Sheriff UD comment redacted

Which is more likely to save your life? Carrying an autoloader with the chamber empty or carrying a revolver ready to go? Active Self Protection provides us with some food for thought.

A Stark Reminder to Keep Your Defensive Firearm Chambered

Armed Robber Kills Store Owner Whose Gun Wasn’t Ready

Another Reminder to Carry Chamber Full

Let’s consider those who are unwilling or unable to do the practice necessary to develop the competency and confidence to carry an autoloader with a round in the chamber. Would they be better off with a revolver that’s in Condition 2? Something, something, “bird in the hand,” something, something.

asking the wrong questions annotated

Getting Ready doesn’t just apply in the moment. As Boyd’s Process tells us, it starts early in the Orient Phase, most specifically during Analysis and Synthesis.


Tactical Professor books (all PDF)

Serious Mistakes Gunowners Make

Indoor Range Practice Sessions

Concealed Carry Skills and Drills

Advanced Pistol Practice

Shooting Your Black Rifle

3 responses

  1. Can someone give me the logic of a loaded revolver being safer than a chambered autoloader. Seen it for decades, still never tracked.

    And… many agencies saw massive drops in NDs on the auto transition. Some/all attributed to an all new, up-to-date curriculum for the firearms instruction, but if they were inherently more dangerous you’d think that would be a wash.

    1. The LA Sheriff’s Office, which is the largest in the country, had the opposite experience when it transitioned to autoloaders. And even that increased upon transition to Striker Fired Autoloaders.

  2. It makes as much sense as saying I’ll put my seatbelt on before I crash.

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