Requisite level of skill (part II)

This morning there was a murder in a church in Texas. A few seconds later, further murders were prevented by the quick action of a counter-murderer who protected the congregation. In the incident, it appears that someone tried to draw a pistol but was unsuccessful and got shot for his trouble. It is possible he was trying to get his cell phone to call for help, though. The footage is not very clear.

What was the requisite level of skill to end this situation? The shot would appear to be two aisles plus the width of a pew.

white settlement tx church shooting

At the recommended 24 inches per person for 12 people (4 hymnal racks per pew with 3 per), that would be 24 feet for the pew plus 10 feet (two 5 foot aisles).

Thirty-four feet; call it 12 yards. That’s more than four yards. One shot dropped the murderer. Some reports say that it was a head shot but that remains to be verified. Another report was that the counter-murderer is a retired Law Enforcement Officer. That also remains to be verified.

Let’s keep in mind that when we deliberately take on the responsibility of protecting others, such as being a member of a church security (counter-murder) team, the situation changes. The same would be true for an armed teacher. METT-TC raises its unwelcome head again.


  • Mission
  • Enemy
  • Terrain and Weather
  • Troops and Support Available
  • Time Available
  • Civil Considerations

METT-TC shares something in common with the Merovingian’s comment about causality; “There is no escape from it.”


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  1. The good guy made a helluva shot…. one shot and he dropped. Must have been a CNS hit. Very sad for the other two guys, which took near point-blank hits from the bad guy’s shotgun (or rifle?). One definitely appeared to be struggling with a draw.

    That said… I respectfully admit I don’t like the term, “counter-murderer.” A counter-ambusher, perhaps. But, “murder” is the illegal / immoral taking of life. The church dude was a good guy, not a murderer. His actions were legal and righteous. He was guarding life by eliminating a clear threat. Righteous indeed.

    Educational post and I hope to learn more as we hear more about this case.

    1. I took “counter-murder/er” not to be another type of murder/er, but one who is against a murder/er. It’s an interesting term.

      1. Ah, yes. Duh (to myself). It’s a noun, not a verb. 🙂 I get it… like Counter-terrorist. Not “counter-terrorizer.” As Gilda Radner’s SNL character “Emily Litella” would say…. “Never mind.” haha!

    2. Having trained many counter-terrorist units, counter-murderer seemed logical to me.

      1. Yeah.. I “read it wrong.” Sorry about that. 🙂 Carry out the plan of the day (from my Navy days).

  2. The term counter-murderer is the term being used to describe the church security team. They countered a murderer. The author is in no way calling the person who ended this tragedy a murderer.

    1. Yep. My bad. Sorry. I read it wrong. I get it now. (Smacks self in forehead)

  3. I think you are misunderstanding what Claude meant. He is saying that he countered the murderer. Not that a murderer countered another murderer.

  4. I’m a little hesitant about “counter-murderer” as well. When one makes a counter-point, they are making a point against a point made by another. When a platoon launches a counter-strike, they are responding to an initial strike. “Counter-shooter” may be more accurate than “counter-murderer”?

  5. “The time for action has passed.
    Now is the time for senseless bickering.”
    — Ashleigh Brilliant

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