I miss that kind of clarity

Not surprisingly, yesterday’s church shooting incident has generated a great of deal of discussion. As Mr. Wabash of the CIA said in Three Days of the Condor, “I miss that kind of clarity.”

Someone asked if I have analyzed various documents about Active Murderers and if I keep the documents on my website. My response was:

I tend to think about the other 3,300 violent crimes that occurred yesterday, including 43 other murders, 400 rapes, and 2,200 Aggravated Assaults.

Yesterday. Except for the other murders, they didn’t even make the news. And the other murders received about 90 seconds of coverage, on average, with no streaming replay of the event.

The kind of clarity that Mr. Jack Wilson,  the Counter-Murder Operator who prevented further murders, had is rare. We should also consider the depth of Mr. Wilson’s shooting resume in terms of skill development.

Let’s not neglect our fundamental soft skills of decision-making, etc. while we’re spending our time practicing 12 yard head shots at a moving target. If you feel the need to practice your hard skills more, try out the various regimens in my books, which are located in a pull down on the menu at the top of the page.

An interesting side note concerning popular culture is that Jack Wilson was also the name of the dark-hearted villain in the movie Shane. Further side notes are that Alan Ladd was afraid of guns and Palance was nervous around horses.


2 responses

  1. Spot on! Cool trivia too.

  2. I have used this scene twice this year for other contexts. Great one. And agree with use here.

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